The Pure Soft terms of service is as follows:


  • By using all of the products and services of Pure Soft, you agree to be bound by the following.
  • Pure Soft may, whenever it wishes to, suspend or cancel all or part of its services and products, and is completely free to do so.
  • The use of Pure Soft's tools for deception or acts contrary to international law and the Islamic Republic of Iran is severely dealt with and will be handled by the offender through legal channels.
  • Any sales and earnings of the free products of Pure Soft is illegal and will be severely penalized by offenders through legal channels.

Online Services

  • The malicious use of Pure Soft servers will block your IPs on the server.

You agree to this statement by using our products and software.

This statement was last modified on November 10, 2017.

If dear users have more questions about this or have seen any privacy violations, they can contact Pure Soft.