Climax application

Climax software is a simple and powerful program that helps you save on time and money and use modern systems to manage your warehouse instead of using old registration systems.

With this software you can manage the goods and persons and companies in your account, create new inputs and outputs, and have full control over all the details. With the powerful printing capabilities of the software, you can create advanced reports with just two or three clicks. You can also make adjustments to the software that the software operates the way that's you want.

Some of the new features and functionality of the software:

  • Made Climax application cloud based
  • Ability to have multiple users in a same instance of application
  • Ability to set access level for each user
  • Access your data from internet in all around the world
  • New warehouse and warehouse place sections
  • New stuff group, stuff subgroup and stuff model sections
  • New fiducial and reversal input sections
  • New input type section
  • New employee, driver and user manager sections
  • New notification service
  • Total standard user experience
  • Report wizard
  • Ability to backup database
  • Auto complete helper for drop down lists
  • Search ability
  • Ability to edit existing data
  • Ability to set initial quantity for stuffs
  • Stuff kardex section
  • Person activity section

In the screenshot below, you will see the main page of this software:

Climax application

This software is web based and could be opened by any modern web browser on your PC or mobile device.