The Pure Soft Privacy Statement is as follows:


  • All Pure Soft applications do not send any information from users' computers to third parties, and if required, personal information such as: name, telephone number, etc. will be notified to the user and will be with the full consent of the user. There is no compulsory import of this information. This information may be used to contact users or software features and is not at all accessible to the public. Users can be assured that no unlawful and inappropriate use of this information will occur.
  • Users' passwords, whether in the Web applications or in Windows software, are unilaterally hashed and can not be retrieved or viewed by Pure Soft or someone else.
  • Sometimes, due to the increased quality of the software, files can be exchanged with the Pure Soft server that is not in the user's eyes. These files are for checking the software version or receiving certain settings from the server, which does not change any other file on your computer, but it may include a transfer fee from the Internet, which because of the volume of the file, it will very little.

Pure Soft Website

  • The email address which you are subscribed with at Pure Soft is by no means sold to the advertising companies for the purpose of sending spam and is only used to communicate with Pure Soft.

Start Application

  • The name and date of birth taken in software such as the Star from the user is for use on the same personal computer and is not transmitted through the Internet at all.

Climax Application

  • The online storage systems databases are located on the servers of Pure Soft and are completely protected from any influence by the hacker, and Pure Soft does not allow itself (except for troubleshooting and upgrading) to access to information, or selling them to third parties.

You agree to this statement by using our products and software.

This statement was last modified on November 10, 2017.

If dear users have more questions about this or have seen any privacy violations, they can contact Pure Soft.